Early 20th Century Boardwalk - Beaufort, North Carolina

"Beware of Conventional Wisdom"

In November 2013, Borden wrote:

Chasing Monarchs - Mexico - 2012
Pundits often recommend that people ought to marry someone like yourself, with exactly the same values, same religion, same ethnic tribe. In other words find your clone. But unsaid is that doing so can also result in missing out on what could be. That has certainly been my experience! 

After Grace Breslin, my beautiful and good wife of 30 years and a daily Roman Catholic mass goer, died, I looked for another Grace. Instead my Episcopalian soul met and fell head over heels in love with Gloria, a good looking Jewish woman of great style, whose wit, intellect and zest for life captivated me. Both of us had long, successful marriages that ended with the terminal illnesses of spouses six months before we met.

After 11 wonderful years, I lost this new love of my life, Gloria Krasnow Liebenson. To the outside world we were living in sin since we did not marry to avoid problems of inheritance. We were unconditionally committed to each other. Our relationship that began when we were in our 80's gave each other the unexpected and surprising gift of endless banter, debate, travel, a passion for the arts and politics, and so much more. We amazed each other with the different sides of our aging personalities. What fun, what caring, what love, until illness took her away. What great gifts we were to each other so late in life. The cliche of sunset years being the best suddenly became appropriate. Who would have thought it possible? MORE...