Early 20th Century Boardwalk - Beaufort, North Carolina

Special Trip into Manhattan - Sept 2014

Sept. 3, 2014 email from Borden Mace: "I decided that taking the METRO into Grand Central would be OK but getting from the train to a cab and hotel would be a hazzle and I run out of energy... ...Therefore on Wednesday next, Dana Lemay, will drive me and Gisela Piccolo, into Manhattan and drop us at an Indian Restaurant with hot and spicy dishes, next door to the Laura Pels Theater, 111 West 46th Street. John Ehle will make a foursome for lunch and afterward I'll hobble next door to see his wife, Rosemary Harris, star in Tom Stoppard's INDIAN INK. After the matinee and a kiss from Rosemary, the Connecticut contingent will happily return to Salisbury the same day. It should be fun and rewarding even if it is a long day's night..."

Rosemary Harris
Sept. 10, 2014 email: "The 9am to 9pm trip to Manhattan was both exhausting and thrilling. After more than a full day of driving and sitting, my legs and ankles were swollen to double their normal size! I literally fell into my bed at 9pm...I awakened at 9am...the joy of yesterday when Rosemary Harris and her husband, John Ehle, were out on the street to welcome us just outside her theatre and the Indian restaurant where we had a relaxing and leisurely luncheon. Tom Stoppard, who I think is the greatest living playwright, did not disappoint - nor did the artists on and off stage. Dana and Gisela helped me back stage later to see Rosie in her dressing room. They enjoyed it immensely as did I. I am very lucky to have such wonderful friends."