Early 20th Century Boardwalk - Beaufort, North Carolina

1832 Davis-Mace House and the Mace Family

In 1832, Henry Marchant Cooke and Samuel Leffers Dill deeded to Dill "with privileges and appurtenances." John Philpot Currin Davis gained deed to the house in 1845. In 1852, John willed to wife Charity Bell; legal heirs were the Davis daughters. After widow Elizabeth B. Davis (Lindsay) died in 1930, William Arendell Mace, wife Maybelle Carrow and children moved into the house. Both families have deep roots in early coastal North Carolina and Beaufort history.

Born about 1700, Francis Mace moved south from Nansemond County, Virginia, and married Anne Newby (1708-1752) at the Symons Creek Monthly Meeting in Pasquotank County, NC. Francis was probably a son of Elizabeth Mace, from the Chuckatuck Monthly Meeting in the southern part of Nansemond County, who was widowed by 1702.  This Quaker group was experiencing a surge of members, arriving from Cumberland County, England as recounted by missionaries in 1698. Francis and Anne Mace had six children, born between 1729 and 1748. Francis died about a year after his last child Francis was born. The elder Francis' will was proven 1 Aug 1749 at "Eden House" on Salmon Creek, Edenton.  MORE...