Early 20th Century Boardwalk - Beaufort, North Carolina

Graduation from UNC and World War II

Senior Photo - UNC 1941
Borden Mace graduated from the University of North Carolina in the spring of 1941, and started graduate work in philosophy. 

In September 1941, a few months before Pearl Harbor, Mace volunteered for the Navy. Due to his experience in the visual arts as an assistant at the Bureau of Visual Instruction at UNC, Mace was assigned by the Navy to help organize the training films office, and he served as officer in charge for procurement during World War II, during which time some 5,000 training films and filmstrips were created. Later as photographic and photo-intelligence officer on the USS Bennington, Mace flew over Tokyo on the Navy's first bombing raid on February 22, 1945. Mace was present at Japan's formal surrender aboard the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay on September 2, 1945. 

See a few of Mace's favorite film projects below.